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I live with a friend. Her daughter has a 4 year old and the mother does absolutely nothing for her kid other than just complain about her annoying her as she is wanting attention from her mum so inturn nanny does everything which is impossible and then there is me who does so much for the kid more than i do for myself anyways. My question is: should i deserve being paid or some rent reduced to be doing so much for this kid. The mum gets centrelink payments for having a kid but spends it all on herself. Pls can i get some advice as to what people think of this situation as the last 3 yrs i have recieved nothing im lucky to feel appreciated at times as its just expected of me. I did ask at the start if i coyld have reduced rent maybe but that was declined. thankyou i look forward to hearing opinions..
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I can understand why you might be feeling frustrated or taken advantage of in this situation @Friendly011. I feel it would be best if you open up a conversation with your friend about how you're feeling, and then you can determine between the two of you whether some sort of payment is an option.