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Behavioural issues

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Behavioural issues

Hi my son is 9 years old and m facing drastic behavioural issues and denial for everything in life.  He hates his brother and talks back very rudely to dad and grandparents.  He doesn't want to study at all.  He doesn't want any tuition anything. His teacher has told us so many times he is listening in the class but upon asking he says I don't know.  At home he does the same.  I m struggling big time with all this.  


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Hey @Seeger 


This must be a lot for you and your family to be managing, it sounds like this behaviour change has come as a big shock to you all and it would be really challenging. I'm wondering how long this has been happening? Is there anything you can think of that may have triggered this drastic change?


Sorry to hear you are struggling with this at the moment, you are certainly not alone in experiencing an issue like this. We have a great content piece on managing family conflict - it is specifically for teens, but I think some of the tips in it are still applicable to families with younger children as well. We also partner with the Raising Childrens Network who have some more content for young children as well if you wanted to check them out.

Would you be interested in chatting through some options for professional support? It could be an idea to have a chat to a counsellor at Parentline if you were looking for some one-on-one support to talk about what you're going through. Hope this is helpful Heart