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Boys ages 8-12 fighting

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Boys ages 8-12 fighting

 My 9 year old son got in his 1st physical fight with a friend 2 months ago. Then yesterday he got in another fight with another friend. Being a dad I know that boys do get in fights now and then at ages 8-12. 
 I’m interested in knowing whats the average number of fights boys usually get into in a year at 9 years old? And should boys ages 8-12 be allowed to fight it out a little bit before being broken up? 
Also should boys ages 8-12 be punished for fighting or just given a lecture and allowed to go back to playing again?

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Re: Boys ages 8-12 fighting

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Whilst I wouldn’t know the average number of fights boys get into at 9 years old, I think it may be useful to know what happened for this fight to break out.


Did your son tell you what happened leading up to the fight? Also what happened afterwards?


Part of developing and growing up is in learning how to handle conflicts and talk through issues as part of building healthy relationships and boundaries. Apart from the physical damage that can happen during fights, there can be a lot of emotional turmoil.


I can think of two articles from Kids Helpline that may be able to assist with talking through respectful relationship here. and with handling conflict here.


Why your son is fighting and what the impact for your son and the other child?


Others on the forums may have other insights on this, so thanks for sharing!


Re: Boys ages 8-12 fighting

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It's a that age where children especially Boys often got themselves into these matter. Nothing to worry Give them just a little time and space to adjust.