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Choice of people to mingle with

Choice of people to mingle with


Choice of people to mingle with

As a teenager, the first thing you realised is that you find yourself within a set of people which could be a conscious or unconscious decision you make. Its is important to know that this people influence you your actions, thinking, etc which could be positive or negative.
So ensure that your choice of friends is a conscious decision you make. Note that you people mingle with can directly or indirectly define your future, it just time that will tell.
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Re: Choice of people to mingle with

Hi @Dlady and welcome to the ReachOut Parents forums,


Helping teens make friends and decide the sorts of people they want to spend time with is really important. Building social and communication skills can help teens make decisions within their social interactions. 


It sounds like supporting your teen to make a conscious decision about their friendships is important to you, are you able to tell us a bit more about your teen and the friendships they have in their social circles?


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Re: Choice of people to mingle with

I agree with what you're saying but my son still chooses you hang out with people that aren't good influences. He says things like but they are good people or they are good to me in response to me pointing out that their actions have led them to be jailed & why would he want to be around those people.
He's so loyal to his friends even though that loyalty has caused him multiple school suspensions.
There is this reflective side to him where he sees the bad choices he's made & he's so hard on himself (he has depression) & he wishes he bee did these things & there is the other side where he goes out & he's hanging out with people who aren't a good influence & he's tempted to join in.
I don't know when he'll realise that hanging out with these kinds of people are causing him to take steps back in his desire to change & improve his quality of life.
That lying to me isn't going to help me trust him. He expects me to accept he can take care of himself.
I'm really disappointed with him at the moment for lying to me & coming home smelling like alcohol.
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Re: Choice of people to mingle with

Hey @Nikkita , it can be so hard to see your teen making choices with their friendships that you see having a bad  impact on their life.
It sounds like he is reflective, and will hopefully come to a point where he reflects on how his friendships are impacting his quality of life and make changes. 


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