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Ex going to leave the country with my children

Ex going to leave the country with my children


Ex going to leave the country with my children

I don’t have a label for my ex it went from Narc, evil to straight demon. Sometimes I just don’t understand him. But that besides the point. A few months ago he sues me so he can get passports for my kids. Of course I don’t want you taking my kids out the state let alone a third world country. I would go deeper into this conversation but the basic point is that the judge stated that it would fine for him to go but he had to provide an itinerary. Of course I’m stressing and thinking of all the things that could go wrong. My daughter is hard of hearing and my son he’s only 7 and his that could do no wrong. So aside from all the ritualistic ideas my mother put in my head. He could do this and that I’m just worried for my kids safety. He emails me tonight a three sentence email with the hotel name and the city and state where he would be in. Far from the itinerary that I was expecting to be drafted from a lawyer. I don’t know what to do. Should I just let him leave and then report him when If I can’t reach him at the location? I do not trust this man alone with my kids.


 I know he’s just trying to stress me but someone please help and tell me what I should do!

Thank you.

Also my daughter hasn’t been wanting to go with him. She would cry and say no daddy. I even caught her making my pet hamster squeal as if she was upset she had to go with him.

What should I do. Am I just over reacting?


Re: Ex going to leave the country with my children

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Hi Informational,


It sounds like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment with trying to reach an amenable parenting arrangement with your husband. I feel it’s reasonable to have some concerns about your children travelling overseas if you feel his parental care has been lacking in the past. I feel like it’s not a bad idea to request a more detailed itinerary if you feel like you are not able to reasonably contact your ex-partner and children while they are travelling overseas.


It sounds like this situation has been fairly upsetting for your children. How have they been managing so far with the separation? What supports do they have to reach out to?


Do you have any concerns about your children’s safety at the moment? If you have concerns over their wellbeing in the care of your ex-partner, I would urge you to express these concerns with your local child protection agency if you feel these concerns serious.


It can be difficult to determine in these situations if our concerns are reasonable or if we are reacting strongly due to the emotions surrounding a separation and our ex. Have you been able to speak to a counsellor in regards to the separation and your feeling surrounding your ex?


We hope the reach out parenting forums can be of some support to you during this difficult time.




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