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Instagram and teens

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Instagram and teens

Any parents out there had to deal with risque pics posted by there teens on Instagram i.e pics in underwear or swimmers. How did you approach it or discuss with your teen?
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Re: Instagram and teens

Hi @Help_needed

I have had that conversation with my daughter.  I am not sure if she has indeed posted risqué pics  ( possibly nude) but due to her impulsive nature I would not be surprised (she has posted a pic of her drinking at a party and that certainly backfired) .  I have talked to her about the consequences of doing this.  I asked if she ever thought she might send some to a boy and she said yes, if I trust him.  I explained how that could go wrong quickly and people could  easily show them when a break up happens.  She then thought about a couple times when girls at school had pics go out to everyone and what happened to them, the names, shame, etc.  I also explained that if a pic comes across her Instagram and people are shaming the girl in the photo- don't feed into the body shaming  but shame people for their rude comments instead. People make mistakes.....

I just want my daughter to know once that photo is taken and goes out- its NEVER something private again- forever. And I think she gets that. At least I hope so.....

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Re: Instagram and teens

I showed my daughter today just seaching for her Instagram name which she said was 'private'. Showing a pic that I considered inappropriate that everyone can see. I think she was shocked. Further conversations to be had for sure 🤔
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Re: Instagram and teens

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Social media is amazing and you are both right in the sense that once something is out there, it is gone forever and no longer private. I can't imagine how difficult it is to tread this water with teens who have grown up around the internet. ReachOut has some helpful articles and other threads that you can check out here which might provide some support. Let us know how you go Heart

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Re: Instagram and teens

Hey @Help_needed, I’ve had in-depth conversations about this topic with my daughter as she’s come to me after being asked to send nude photos. 


In addition to talking about the dangers and the fact that anything sent online can be shared and found - nothing is private, we also talked about self respect, self worth and the impression given by these types of pics and the type of shallow attention they bring. 


It’s so hard as social media is flooded with young girls wearing next to nothing so the peer pressure to do the same would be intense. It’s a different world to the one I grew up in! 


Let us know how you get on. 

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