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Kids posture!

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Kids posture!

I have two kids, both in elementary school.
I have started notice, that posture of my kids is spoiling. We went to doctor and he recommended to start swimming, but my kids already swim!
I think, that problems with bad posture is a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle (a lot of sitting in school, home, etc.).
What are you doing with that?
How do you help your kids to have a good posture, while sitting with the computer?

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Re: Kids posture!

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I see what you mean. It's good that you've been able to notice their posture and that you have taken them to see a doctor. It sounds like you are a very caring parent!


You could be right...perhaps their posture is impacted by their sedentary lifestyle. Although, I'm not too sure. Our forum is meant for parents of teens with mental health concerns, not so much about physical health concerns such as one's posture.


It might be worth booking in your children to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteotherapist.Your doctor might be able to tell you more about these types of professionals and even refer you to one in your area.