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Sleeping Disturbances

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Sleeping Disturbances

While my message is not a question ... I'm hoping this programme I have come across on  ABC iview might help some families here. It is called Ask the Doctor. Among the specialists they interview is Dr Chris Seton who works with kids with sleep disorders. They programme runs for about 30 mins and I found it helped answer lots of questions I have had over the years. I have a husband with obstructed sleep apnea who uses a cpac machine each night and 2 children who were infants and diagnosed with sleep apnea age 3 months and 6 weeks. I also have a 14 year old who has trouble sleeping at night.

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Re: Sleeping Disturbances

There is not much sleep happening in your home @jdbza !!  Thanks for the recommendation, hopefully this may help other parents, as I am sure there are many people that are sleep deprived or have trouble sleeping.


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Re: Sleeping Disturbances

Thank you so much for your recommendation @jdbza! I'm going to watch it over the weekend. My daughter has trouble getting off to sleep. My mum has sleep apnea and uses a cpac machine at night as well. 


@Lily17 and @Mum2017, this made me think of you guys and I thought you might be interested Smiley Happy

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