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TH Principal was on DV perpetrator ex side and bullied as mum

TH Principal was on DV perpetrator ex side and bullied as mum


TH Principal was on DV perpetrator ex side and bullied as mum

Hi. Has anyone experienced bullying from principal as mum?
I left DV situation and sent to refugee by police officer. I went to pick up children to school. As I called school prior the principal ring up the police. Three armed police officers came with van and treated me as I was going to kidnap my own children!!!!
She listened to White male perpetrator husband and prevented me to see my own children.
She is racist, I thought. There was no court order or any proof I was risk to the school.
I had never met her before. I was shocked that as female, she can treated other female(mother) like that. With court help, now I can see my children, but they obviously suffering from mental illness.


Re: TH Principal was on DV perpetrator ex side and bullied as mum

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Hi Furious,


Welcome to our forums. I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to you and your children - it must have been very stressful and traumatising for you to have to experience that, especially as you had previously left an abusive situation. It sounds like that principal's actions were incredibly harmful to all of you and completely out of line, and unfortunately racism is something that still has an incredibly large impact on many people's lives in Australia.


I will not add much as I want to give other parents on this forum a chance to respond, but I hope that right now you and your children are safe, and that you are all able to receive some mental health support and any other help that you need.


I'm not sure if you are in touch with any other services, but there are also some services that are aimed at helping women from multicultural backgrounds with domestic violence situations, such as the inTouch Multicultural Centre against Family Violence in Victoria or the Multicultural Women's Advocacy Service in Perth.  BeyondBlue also has online forums that are free to use, and can be a good space to talk about other issues not related to parenting and get support from others, as well.

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