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TW: Accident Lesson 2

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TW: Accident Lesson 2

My daughter just got her Ls. We drove for 30mins in very quiet location, just went for our 2nd lesson and

she hit the gas and went up garden and hit a garden bed, I grabbed the hand break.

No real damage but she is terribly scared. How do we easy back into it


Re: TW: Accident Lesson 2

Hi @mummaworries , 

Welcome to the online community! Thank you for reaching out for support with the near miss situation that happened during your daughter's second driving lesson. It sounds like it was a frightening situation for the both of you and I'm glad neither of you were harmed.

It's natural for your daughter to be scared to get back behind the wheel following a stressful event such as this, but I'm hearing that both she and you are keen for her to to continue? 

It's very common for near misses to happen when starting out, as I'm sure you're aware. The fact you were ready to respond to danger and chose a quiet location to start were both good protective factors. 

Right now, it might be helpful to ask and validate how your daughter is feeling and listen to her concerns without judgement. How have you both been since the lesson? 

If and when you are both ready to resume lessons, you could talk about any other protective measures you could take to make you both feel safer. The main thing, I think, is to ensure your daughter feels heard and safe, and to remember that it is her choice whether she wants to continue with lessons

Looking forward to hearing from you