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Teen going down online rabbit holes about anti vax

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Teen going down online rabbit holes about anti vax


Teen going down online rabbit holes about anti vax

Every conversation ends up going back around to this idea that Ivermectin is a useful medication for Covid. My teen keeps talking about individual stories about this being effective. She looks at me sceptically when I mention that the science doesn't support it. It's driving me insane. 

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Re: Teen going down online rabbit holes about anti vax

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Hi @ShayHay25 thank you for sharing this with us. It can be really difficult to know how to talk to your teen about coronavirus, especially if you’re feeling stressed about it yourself. 


It's important to manage how you're feeling about this. Try to have a conversation when you’re feeling ready. This could mean putting up some boundaries around conversations.


It might be helpful to talk about your teen's media intake. Ask your teen what media they have been consuming (from the news and social media) about coronavirus. Check if they are aware that some stories about COVID-19 may be based on rumours or incorrect information. You could help them to build their media literacy skills by asking of a particular story: Who’s creating this news? Is it credible? What’s the source? Discuss whether they would be willing to limit their media intake about COVID-19 to checking the internet just a few times a day. Explain that this will help them not to be too overwhelmed by constant updates.


I'm also wondering if you would like some resources that might help. There is a helpful resource here about how to talk about coronavirus with your teenager. There is another here about effective communication with teenagers.


I hope these help and we look forward to talking more with you.