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Two types of learning?

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Two types of learning?

Are there just basically two ways to learn: by experience or by instruction? Assuming it is not good to learn everything by experience (not playing in the street, for example), how much should one learn by instruction? (Please elaborate on this point with examples.) Does the individual child make a difference in this, and how so? For example, what about a 14 year old girl who is fooling around in her bedroom with a boy? How about a little boy planning his own birthday party, inviting whom and getting what he wants?
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Re: Two types of learning?

Oh this is a big question. Within  learning by experience or instruction there are many branches of learning. 


I personally learn mostly through instruction but also observation of other people's experiences. I love avoiding mistakes this way. 


My son loves to learn through reading. He remembers nearly everything he reads and loves explicit instruction. 


One daughter has always been a "Me do it!" kind of person. She can't be told anything by family however responds well to teachers and videos. She likes to teach herself stuff. The other daughter is a combo plus of both. 


I see so many different approaches in my job but would avoid the word instruction most of the time. I use guidance, facilitation, showing...words that make it sound like a partnership.