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Been ordered back into the office

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Been ordered back into the office


Been ordered back into the office



I'm writing an article about workers being ordered back into the office and I'm keen to talk with anyone who really wants to work from home - someone who working from home has been really great with looking after their children. What's your story? 

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Hi there @kujo4pm ,

Thanks for posting and reaching out to the community to ask about experiences related to working from home. I hear how great it has been for you to be able to work from home and look after your children at the same time. I'm sure there are many others who are in a similar position.

Many Australian workplaces now have requested workers return onsite whether for some or all of the time (which I'm sure you are aware of). I recognise how this can turn things upside down for those who have carer responsibilities, especially for young children.

You mentioned you have 'been ordered back into the office' - there are many ins and outs of this. If you haven't looked into this already, it's good to know your rights which you can read up on here from the Fair Work Ombudsman around Flexibility in the Workplace. There are many factors which may or may not apply to you, so it's good to know what the law says.

Some employers are happy to make reasonable adjustments in terms of flexible work arrangements - however, of course this is dependant on your case. 

I hope you come to a place where feel confident and comfortable with fulfilling both your work and carer responsibilities. 

We look forward to hearing how you go.