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Carer and parent communication breakdown

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Carer and parent communication breakdown


Carer and parent communication breakdown


So the carer for my daughter has stopped replying to me this lady was in a relationship with my brother we are involved with child safety and she has stopped replying to my texts since her and my brother are no longer together she has asked for communication to go through child safety I have showed them my txts and they were at appropriate times and in regards to my daughter I don’t know or understand why she has not wanted to communicate with me or what I have done wrong if anyone else has gone through this i would love to know why this is happening or how to fix it
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Re: Carer and parent communication breakdown

Hi @Lin029

Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a really tricky situation. Do you think child safety would be able to help you to organise a time to visit/speak with your daughter and/or her carer? It sounds like you are feeling quite confused and would like some things clarified. It must be hard to sit there and not know or understand why you are not getting any replies back. I hope you are able to get some type of response soon.

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