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Financial education for your kids

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Financial education for your kids


Financial education for your kids

Hi there,


So it has recently occurred to me that children are not getting much education in the way of managing their future finances at school. I was wondering, what are your plans or what are you doing currently to teach them?




Re: Financial education for your kids

Hey @Trunt68 and welcome to the forums!


That is an interesting question, and one which I feel like I might not have really considered in as much depth as I should have with my teenager.


We have had general conversations around pocket money as well as discussions with my teen about things that they want to buy for themselves and how best to budget and save for them but have never really discussed in-depth what financial management and planning is all about. 


Aside from the fact that understanding and knowing about these issues is a really important life skill, is there anything that you have noticed in your life as a parent that has brought this issue front-of-mind?