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Gday from PatDad

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Gday from PatDad


Gday Ladies and Gents, I'm Pat, sole dad  with a 15 yr old teen son 

I found this by searching for parent forums as I really need to speak

My son is a beautiful boy but is going through hard times last few years his mother and I divorced 3 or 4 years ago 

he has had issues with depression and is recently diagnosed on spectrum 

and his health is affecting mine, Im being understanding 

but I feel like im in fight or flight mode on edge 24/7 

I used to date go for a meal & enjoy company,

go for weekend drives with my old camper on back 

camp overnight ground myself and hike

but the last year I have stopped all that 

he has been excluded from most schools in our area public & Private

he is bored at school that is asd I believe

he is intelligent but impulsive 

Im trying to get him into a prevoc type course at tafe

he has a p/t job at woolworths and enjoys it 

or he likes the money.


I have always been anti psych meds for kids 

but I am taking him to GP today to get a low dose ssri

for teens with depression adhd or on spectrum

Im just at aloss at moment what else to do 

I dont like to see him in pain

and its affecting me too much 

I need a reprieve 

need to escape on the weekend but cant 

as he and his mum dont talk 

so he is here 24/7 

and sadly he has proven I cant trust him on his own 

Sorry for my whinge 


I just started this post to say Gday and I looked forward to reading posts 

Cheers Pat 



I just wanted to say Gday and look forward to reading through the forums 







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Re: Gday from PatDad

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Hi @PatDad and welcome to the ReachOut forums!

Thank you for sharing a little bit about your situation with us. It sounds like it has been a really stressful and overwhelming time for you as you try to navigate all these new changes and diagnoses. Firstly, I saw that you were going to see the GP today so I just wanted to check-in and see how you are feeling after the appointment?

I’m so sorry to hear that you have been experiencing this, it sounds like such a challenging situation to be in. Feeling like you are always in fight or flight mode is such a horrible feeling. Have you been able to find anything that helps you relax after a long day? I am also wondering if maybe you would consider taking your son on one of these camping trips. Do you think that might help bring back some of the things you have been missing and ground you that little bit more?

If you are interested in having a bit of a read, The Raising Children's Network has a number of great articles on Autism and videos of parents sharing their own experiences of raising children with Autism. We also have an article on Self-care that might be able to give you some ideas on things that you could do for yourself.

As you mentioned that his health has been affecting yours, I am just wondering what supports you have around you right now as you are just as important. Is there someone that you might feel comfortable talking to about this, whether its a friend or health professional?

I thought it might also be worth mentioning that ReachOut offers free one-on-one support with an experienced professional for parents looking to navigate parenting. You can find more information on this service here if this is something you might be interested in. 

We're all here for you.

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Re: Gday from PatDad

Thank You Courtney  we didnt get to gp he is booked in to see a gp whom specialises in mh in teens so im hoping that helpsa bit 


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Re: Gday from PatDad

Hi @PatDad

It sounds like you have been doing such an incredible job at getting your son some help and support. It’s really great to hear that you have found a GP that specialises in mental health for teens.

I wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing and how you’ve felt after sharing this with us?

It sounds like you have been trying very hard and it is understandable how much of an impact this is having for you, so it’s important to remember that your health and wellbeing is also important.

Again I just want to remind you that you are doing such a great job, your son is very lucky to have such a caring and supportive father.

Please remember that we are all here for you.