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I want to discuss children's behavior issues. What exactly do you as a parent think you're doing wrong?

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Hi there @Younique thanks for reaching out to our parent community to start a discussion! We just wanted to comment to welcome you and also to let you know about our guidelines, which you can read through here


Something that is really important to us at ReachOut is fostering a safe online community with a focus on strengths. It would be great if we can reframe your question, moving away from what parents are doing wrong and rather around what parent's feel they are doing really well and what they'd like to improve. 


What do you think about that? 

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Hi! Sometimes I wonder if I do everything right. If I am tired, I can raise my voice. Sometimes I get angry for no particular reason, but I quickly calm down. Nobody is perfect, but I try not to make mistakes. So far my children are small, and I really hope not to make mistakes.
You do not have to think too much about it. 

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Hi @AmberP, thanks for sharing that insight. You are right, it is normal to make mistakes especially as parent. You can't always get everything right. When you do make a mistake, it can help to apologise and communicate with your child about what has happened. This way you are modelling that mistakes are ok to make but it is also important to acknowledge the mistake and apologise if necessary Smiley Happy It sounds like you are doing a great job if this is something you are aware and conscious of already!