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Verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour

Verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour

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Re: Verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour

Thanks for your experience and advice @Faob_1, I can hear about the impact this has had on you and your family. It isn't easy to make these decisions and it is great that you all have some forms of support through this. Has any of this support or advice been helpful @kevvy22? I think it can feel comforting to know you aren't alone and that it isn't a reflection of you as a parent or a family.

Re: Verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour

Hi kevvy
My son is the same. Only talks to me if he wants something and most of time his calling names and damaging my belongings. I have tried to get him into programs to help but he will not attend. He works and is very good at work school but I totally understand where you coming from
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Re: Verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour

Hi @Janette and welcome to the forums - thank you for sharing your experience here  - sounds like a lot of similarities between everyone's experiences shared in this thread. 

It's not easy - make sure you're getting yourself some support too Heart

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