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My 7 year old stepson has been out of control lately.
Back talking alot. Not wanting to do chores. Still sleeps in bed with us (I hate it).
When i try discipline him taking stuff away he doesn't care. Spanks dont matter no more.

His father babys him alot which is why I think he acts the way he does.
When I confront his dad about his behaviour."hes just a kid" ??!!!
Like seriously.
He cant clean his small room plus
Do his homework without a big loud fuss.
That's all I ask his homework done
Keeps up with room clean and pick up his stuff wen he is done using.?

Yet he wants treats candy new toys
Which he gets from his dad and I hate cause he doesn't deserve.

I try try be good to him helping him and wen I do I'm mostly doing all the work and if I dont help nothing get accomplish I feel like I'm a bad step mother mad all the time !!!

What should I do?
Everytime I talk to his dad he thinks I'm over reacting.

But when his dad deals with his son he acts like hes doing nothing wrong that he is a sweet angel. Ughh I'm losing my mind.

He doesn't sleep in his room idk
He has a small bed next to ours but by midnight hes in our bed.

Any help advice plz?