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Toddler changing and Husband feeling neglected

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Toddler changing and Husband feeling neglected


Toddler changing and Husband feeling neglected

Hi we're first time parents and have recently changed our 1 yr old daycare routine from 2 days to 4 days a week.
My husband does the morning drop offs as I start work early. It's now been two weeks into her new routine and she's somehow thinks Dad is the drop off person. She becomes very unsettled and my husband has found it mentally draining and hurt. Feeling like she hates him. I was hoping to get some ideas on how to help him get through this

Re: Toddler changing and Husband feeling neglected

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Hi @Kwaic01 I'm sorry to hear about how hard it is for you and your husband to have this happening with your baby. It makes sense that your husband is feeling mentally drained and hurt as your daughter becomes unsettled around him, and it's a tough situation to watch unfold and not be certain about what to do about it.

Unfortunately our forums are aimed towards parents of teens and so giving advice on this issue is outside of our scope. I would like to direct you towards a list of parent helplines which might be able to give you advice appropriate to your child's age. Raising Children also has a range of resources for babies, including suggestions of how to foster positive family relationships.

Wishing you the best of luck!