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Mother's Day and World Maternal Mental Health day

Mother's Day and World Maternal Mental Health day

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Mother's Day and World Maternal Mental Health day

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and today is also Word Maternal Mental Health day -  an excellent time to take a moment and remember to prioritise our own wellbeing. 



This image by Mari Andrew  captures beautifully that Mother’s Day can sometimes be a really tricky and complex day for a lot of us.  Bereavement, tricky relationships with our own children or parents, parents who have lost children, or if your child is struggling - it can be a day that can bring up a lot of mixed emotions. 


So, we wanted to wish all of the amazing mothers in our online community a happy mother’s day, whatever that looks like for you, and encourage you to be gentle with yourself if it is a tough day .  Be  sure to reach out to friends, family, or support services (including the community here!) if you need to. 


If you’re running low on self care ideas, we have some great resources on our ReachOut parents page: 


Take this quiz: What kind of self-care is right for you? 

How to make self-care a family priority 

Self-care and teenagers 


We’d love to hear from you: 


How are you planning to spend mother’s day? 


What’s your favourite way to recharge when times have been tough? 

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