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Topical Tuesday: Communicating with Teens

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Topical Tuesday: Communicating with Teens

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Re: We want to hear from you - what discussions would you like?!

There are two things in particular that I love about your post @sunflowermom...


"listening and not try to solve or give advice so quickly", 




"lots of patience, less pushing and more letting go."


Such fantastic tips, thank you for sharing. 

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Re: Topical Tuesday: Communicating with Teens

Hello , I am new to this site .
I am a worried parent my daughter is 14 , lockdown has been so hard and I see her pushing me away .
I guess I am just reaching out for support and help . I want to help my daughter.
Thank you
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Re: We want to hear from you - what discussions would you like?!

@sunflowermum ,
Reading your message I related to this so much , my youngest daughter 14 , I always thought we could talk about anything and I always have respected her point of view ....yet I see her sad and try to approach her she will tell me what I want to hear . Two months ago her older brother was involved in a accident and she witness this...we as a family where all upset and yet so grateful he was alive - I asked her if she wanted to talk to place2b as we are home the school could provided support. I am worried I see the signs of low self esteem, sadness . I don't know how to help her .
Thank you Pink

Re: We want to hear from you - what discussions would you like?!

Hey @Pink4 

It's really tough when we can feel our loved ones pushing us away, good on you for continuing to try and reach out to your daughter I'm sure she appreciates knowing how much you care about her Heart

How did she feel about the idea of getting support from Place2B? Sometimes it can be worth revisiting support ideas again later on and letting children know even if they don't want to access a service right now, they can have a think about it and maybe give it a try at a later date. 

The accident her brother was involved in must have been really hard for the whole family, were you able to get some support around what happened?

Sometimes as well it can be good to see if there is someone else she might want to open up to about how she is feeling? Sometimes it is hardest to be most open with people we're closest too, is there someone else in her life that might be able to talk to her about what is going on for her?  Heart