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Co parenting and schooling options

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Co parenting and schooling options

Hi all, I'm looking for advice about co-parenting and schooling. 


My son's mother and I live 17kms apart and while it hasn't been a problem through the childcare years it makes things pretty complex to figure out with school. 


What are our options? Does one of us have to move? Do nannies and babysitters do school drop offs and pick ups? 


One thing working for us is that we both work in the same area and it's in between where we live - could this be an option to discuss or is it near impossible to get kids into schools that aren't local to either parent? 


Any help would be so appreciated! This is so complex to try and figure out. Thanks!


Re: Co parenting and schooling options

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Hello @MelbDad, sounds like you are in a bit of a tricky situation. I think finding a school that is close to where you both work would be ideal, but it sounds like this is something that you need to discuss with your son's mother. It sounds like this will need to be a decision that you both feel comfortable with. You might find giving Parentline a call to be helpful as they might be able to give you some more advice on how to manage this situation Smiley Happy