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Ex won't sign childs passport application

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Ex won't sign childs passport application


Ex won't sign childs passport application

My ex husband is refusing to sign my 16 year old son's passport application, saying that he should be studying during his summer holidays, rather than taking a family holiday overseas with his Mum and older siblings.
1. The trip covers Christmas/NY
2. The child's father lives interstate and has not spent any significant amount of time with my son in the last 7 years, apart from 1 week in July 2022. He has not even suggested that my son spends Christmas with him.
3. There are no parenting orders in place.
The tickets have been booked, as I had no reason to believe he would refuse to sign, but I am now applying to the Family Court in WA to have the need for his signature overridden.
Has anyone done this before?
How long did it take you?
We travel in 5 weeks.
I am also considering applying to the Passport office for a B9 just to hedge my bets, although I've read that its rare to get approval.
I'd love any advice/experience please.
Thank you.
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Re: Ex won't sign childs passport application

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Hi @Lily45,

Thanks for sharing. We are so sorry to hear about the situation that you find yourself in. It sounds incredibly difficult and frustrating. Hopefully it all works out in your favour and that your family get to enjoy your overseas trip. What a wonderful time for it over the holiday period! Unfortunately, we can't provide legal advice but it seems like you are making the most of all your options.

I imagine this process must be quite stressful, including your son as well. How is he feeling about this situation? We'd also encourage you to reach out for support if you feel like this is taking a toll on your mental health or relationships. There are services like Parents Beyond Breakup which provide support around family breakdown and separation. You can also head to your GP for mental health related support and they can direct you to services in your local area.

Please feel welcome to keep us updated Heart