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I hate my life


Re: I hate my life

You poor thing.

You sound completely overwhelmed, which is understandable. Sometimes, to be a good mother you need to look after yourself first.

I’m not talking about completely ignoring your kids, but if there is nothing left in your bucket, it will be very hard for you to attend to their needs. Your needs need to be quenched as well.

Is there something you can do for yourself right now, that will make you feel better? Have you thought about reaching out for counselling? Can you think of anything that will fill your bucket just a tiny bit?

I’ve been working with kids for over 30 years, and trust me: the TV isn’t going to kill them, for a while, while you recoup.

Forget thinking about what kind of mother you are, and start thinking about ways that you can love yourself, or be loved by others.

This might mean reaching out to someone, even just for a conversation, but in the end this is what will save you.

Re: I hate my life

That's really insightful and I appreciate you sharing that @Kittenlover 


Self care and time for yourself is also very important for a parent.