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Parent coaching in your own home


Parent coaching in your own home

Hello,  I only have one child left at home and he will be heading off soon when he finishes his apprenticeship next year.  The reason for adding to this forum is to ask where parents can go to get help in real time?   I work with young people, their parents (even other work colleagues) who struggle with parenting issues from 2-18 years although this is not the purpose of my job. I help where I can but they really need support in their own home, similar to the super-nanny many years ago where you can see behaviour as it happens and help to change/modify/guide  both parent/s and child.  Any advise on what is out there would be appreciated as I would like to make contact.  (I have done some research but unable to find anything).   Thanks for any feedback.   Sarah 

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Hi @Parent007 , 


Thank you for joining ReachOut Parents forum! It's incredibly generous that you have volunteered your time into trying to support other parents Smiley Happy

In terms of different support options, there are a lot of different programs and resources available across Australia, however these are mostly localised to individual states or cities who operate these themselves. Luckily, there is a great tool created by the Australian Government's Department of Social Services which lists Children and Parenting Support and Intensive Family Support service providers.


You can take a look at more information about these programs here.


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Hi @Parent007,

Can relate myself to your problem being a father of 2 kids. I know how difficult it has become to manage kids in this era where there is not only a generation gap but cultural & digital drift as well.

But you can take help from some parenting coaches. In my case I consulted it with one of my colleagues & she suggested me to go with, they provide recorded & live sessions so you don't have to worry about the schedule as well....

Moreover as compared to other courses or classes where you lack that communication with the tutor, here you get 2 way communication accessibility which in my case was very important as I am a "asks way too much" kind of parent.

You can check when they are starting their next batch on their website.
I hope this helps you and other parents reading this out. Smiley Happy


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Hey there @Parent007  and @dylan_dadof2 ,


I just thought I'd quickly share another really great resource for this, it's actually one that ReachOut host in partnership with the Benevolent Society, and it's a one on one coaching service that is available free to any parent or carer in Australia. 


It's free, confidential and it's available either online or over the telephone, so it can be done at a time that suits you and there's not those barriers of trying to get to appointments etc. 


Here's the link, feel free to pass it on to anyone who may be interested! 


I have to say, speaking as a parent myself, I'm so glad that services like these are starting to become more popular. Parenting is absolutely one of the toughest, yet most rewarding, things I've ever done, and I do really believe it takes a village to raise a child. So I'm really happy to see services like these starting to spring up for when parents need another virtual 'village' to lean on.