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14yr boy addicted drugs (Australia)

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14yr boy addicted drugs (Australia)


14yr boy addicted drugs (Australia)

I have a nephew that is totally of the rails addicted to drugs and has run away and i dont really know where he is at the moment he wont go to school. Parents have been dealing with police and children services they have been told over and over that there hands are tied. Where do we go from here.

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Hey @desperateaunt 

This sounds like super tough situation for you and your family, it must be causing a lot of distress for all of you, I'm sorry you're going through this.  I understand there has been police and child services involvement, but that things are still really full on and that is been tough to get help.

If he is currently missing the police should be assisting with locating him, is this happening?

I'm going to link a couple of services that might be helpful for you and your family -


Noffs is a youth specific drug and alcohol service in NSW that offer a number of different programs for young people, I've linked their contact page just above if you wanted to have a look.


Another service is the Alcohol and Drug foundation, they have an info line that you are welcome to call. They also have a directory for finding relevant services near you that could be helpful. 


The last service is Family Drug Support. They also have a phone line where you or anyone in your family is welcome to call to talk about what is going on for you and get some support. They also have meetings and events that could be good to look into.


I hope some of this information is helpful, let us know how you're getting on Heart