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8 year old with anxiety

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8 year old with anxiety

I have an 8 year daughter, who is highly anxious, most of the time, due to her 18 year old sister being disrespectul and manipulative. I am trying to help my 18 year old move out. I also neef to take my 8 year old to counselling. I have a hit brick wall because the psychologist, who treated my 8 year old, 2 years ago, is now charging $200 per hour. However, I have recently found a local family counselling centre who charges $25 per hour. Apparenytly, there is a child psychologist based there. So I am deciding on whether to start fresh with a new counsellor ot not.
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Re: 8 year old with anxiety

Hi @mrskode,


It is really great to hear that your 8 year old has been able to see a counsellor to work through some of the experiences she has had with an older sibling- I always really admire the bravery of young people who put their hand up for help and embrace support, it's such an important step Heart It sounds like you have done so much to make sure that your daughter gets the support she needs to address the feelings of anxiety Heart


It is a really good question you have raised- to start fresh or continue on with the counsellor your daughter knows? It sounds like the financial aspect is a big factor too. What are your initial thoughts? Have you had a chat to your daughter about her thoughts?


One thing that can be really helpful if you are going to start with a new counsellor is having your daughter's records sent over so that they know what you are both going through and how they can support her Smiley Happy


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Re: 8 year old with anxiety

Hi @mrskode

Finding help is never easy
It is a long path and but for the wealthiest the cost is a factor.
The good news is cost is not always reflective of quality.
You may get as good quality from the community centre as a private practitioner.

One of the things you might want to check is availably of the community councillor.
Are you going to get the number of sessions you need? If the sessions are subsidied the number may be limited.

While it may be an ongoing issue at a family level, is this new for your 8 yr old?

Even if it is not new perspective and approach is not necessarily an issue.

It is important your daughter is comfortable with the councillor.
I would suggest booking a session and asking your daughter her thoughts before deciding.

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Re: 8 year old with anxiety

It is something that they'll have to deal with for the rest of their lives. I suggest getting a routine of exercises to mitigate the effects. I don't suggest forcing the child to do things they're uncomfortable with, it may traumatize even more.

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Re: 8 year old with anxiety

@mrskode  How did you go deciding about trying a new counsellor? It can be a hard decision to make - especially when you've had a good one for so long. 

Sometimes a new therapist can bring a new perspective which is helpful too. 

Let us know how you go 

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Re: 8 year old with anxiety

Being 18 you can change the locks after you have given her the boundaries of your expectations. It isn't up to you to help - apparently she is an adult who already knows everything.. Mothering is such a guilty job!!


A new child psychologist is your best move to start but, make sure you both develop a rship with them. Be guided by your girl, even at 8 they are pretty on top of who they like or not. 2 years in a child's development is huge.


Money is always an issue. We have started in community health and come across some brilliant psych's in that time (over 16 yrs). 


Have a look at the different sites for school kids with anxiety it will be very beneficial for you to understand some of what she may be feeling. Breathe, lots of us are dealing with the identical issues.