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I’ve been told by a paediatrician that my four year old boy has very strong signs of adhd. I’m struggling with getting him to listen and understand the consequences for his actions. He often lashes out or destroys things and time out just isn’t seeming to make much of a difference. Any advice is welcome x
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Hi @Kat1996 


Thank you for sharing this with us and asking for support. It sounds like both you and your son are having a really tough time at the moment.


Children with ADHD often have lots of energy and difficulty concentrating. They might also find it hard to control what they say or do. ADHD diagnosis requires a specialist (child psychiatrist or paediatrician) assessment. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, these observations then inform a support plan that aims to ensure your child can flourish and achieve their full potential.


I've seen that you live in the UK, so I've found a few resources that might be helpful for you. There's Young Minds who have Tips for supporting your child with ADHD and also ADHD Kids UK that have a list of helpful resources and places you can go to for support. I was wondering if you would consider reaching out to these services?


There's a number of people in this community that have shared their experience with their children and ADHD, and can potentially help. 
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