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Antidepressants for 14 year old

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Antidepressants for 14 year old

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

My pleasure @Mbfwt. I'm so happy to hear that you now have such great supports in place. To feel like you're making headway can be such a relief. We've had medication changes or adjustments along the way too, and I think it's just part of 'getting it right'. 


I'm going to write another post hopefully tonight celebrating our wins as even just today we've had more positive news about my daughter's progress. Things can definitely improve!


Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

Sometimes a regular sleeping pattern, high protein breakfast and regular exercise can do more than antidepressants and without the nasty side effects and mystery of what long term damage the antidepressants are doing. 

Most antidepressants take up to 4 weeks to work, it is proven that regular exercise for this amount of time will produce a stronger antidepressant effect than the medication itself. 

I can understand the appeal of antidepressants because it seems like a quick fix but it sometimes just kills the symptoms but not the cause. (if therapy isnt involved) 

Many 14 year olds are depressed and its understandable at that age, its a time of rapid change in the body, mind and surroundings. Its possible that medication can help but ultimately this is a opportunity to learn and grow through the pain and build character. (easier said than done) (but we all know we get strong through pain)

Personally I would recommend therapy and natural remedies before jumping to anti depressants. Save anti depressants as a last case scenario. 

diet change,
therapy, and many more are options before antidepressants in my opinion. 

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

@Toddjames thank you for these insights and ideas! Very true that there are so many different things we can try other than antidepressants. There are certainly enough studies out there that show that regular exercise is just as beneficial, if not more, than antidepressants! 


I think it's important to remember that antidepressants can help some people, and that it's always good to speak to a doctor , or even a few doctors, about whether antidepressants could be useful. Smiley Happy