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Hi my daughter is 11 going on 12 next year she has just finished primary school and will be going into high school she has suffered from anxiety at young age and last yeah she left a note on her school desk saying she wanted to kill herself she never had any real friends and had been going to the same school since perp so I had to move so I changed her schools as well she has made a few friends but the last two months she has said in her notebook she wants to die and last week she said she wants to die so no one will judge her she goes to a pyscholgist once a fortnight I’m trying natural remedies but it’s not working for her she said she hasn’t been happy for a long time I am going to take her to the doctor I don’t want to put her on medication but if it helps I will she just got her period this year as well so she has had it youing any advice would be good she is the most loving beautiful kid I know and being a single mum I always question if I’m doing the right thing thank you
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Re: Anxiety

Hey @Tarnya 


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I'm so sorry to read about your daughter.  It sounds like she is really struggling at the moment.  As a parent it must be incredibly distressing for youSmiley Sad.  Bringing her to a GP as soon as possible sounds like a very good idea; if the natural remedies have not helped then medication may help reduce her distress.  Have you spoken to her about how she is feeling and/or if the psychologist sessions have helped?  Have you spoken to the psychologist about how she is going?  These may help offer some guidance into some of the things contributing to her distress. 


If she needs extra support perhaps consider linking her with a school counsellor.  Additionally, you might consider encouraging her to call Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.  They have trained counsellors to offer support for your daughter.  Gathering as much support as possible is important during this period.  If you need support yourself please contact Parentline on 1300 365 859.  Both services have trained counsellors ready to listen.


We are here for you too Heart

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Re: Anxiety

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Hi @Tarnya , 


I just wanted to check in with you and see how you, and your daughter, are doing? You sound like a really caring mother, I have a child who's a similar age, so I can really identify with how scared and helpless you must be feeling, seeing her in so much distress. 


As Tom said, there's a lot of resources out there to help kids and teenagers - puberty can be an especially challenging time, as there's just so many changes going on with their minds and bodies. 



It's fantastic to hear that she already sees a psychologist, and that you have a trusted GP that you can talk to.They may also be able to help her work on some ways for her to help calm herself down when she's feeling really anxious. There's also some information and ideas here that may be helpful, as well as links to 24 hour support services if you or your daughter need immediate help over the holiday period


If she is expressing thoughts of suicide, it's important to seek professional help immediately, so it's excellent to hear that she has a relationship with a psychologist. 


Does your daughter have any activities that she enjoys, like sports or dancing? 


I hope that things are improving with your daughter, please keep us updated and let us know if we can help you in any way.