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Are other parents doing it wrong?

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Are other parents doing it wrong?


Are other parents doing it wrong?

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I was reading another post in the forum and it reminded me about the tragic events such as those at Columbine High School, or the young Australians leaving to fight in Syria for Daesh.


After the initial shock and horror subsides, it's pretty common to start thinking about the perpetrators and their family environment. We ask ourselves "how could the parents not know?" Do we know our own kids?  I came across this article by Sue Klebold and thought it gave a fascinating insight into how a loving, moral, nurturing parent felt after her son caused such destruction. 


My son, the Columbine high school shooter: ‘a mother is supposed to know’


Re: Are other parents doing it wrong?

Thanks for sharing @Mitzi... Such interesting insight that so few of us would really be able to understand.

Luckily for us in Australia we do have the protection of strict gun laws since reforms in the 90s which prevents so many of the massacres we see elsewhere but the point about "knowing" whats going on for your child when something full on is happening for them is relatable... Do you think?

Re: Are other parents doing it wrong?

@Sophie-RO @Mitzi

it's hard to 'know' ourselves and our kids. Sometimes, parents can be desparate eager to know but left in the dark. That's why things like reachout/parent is so important.

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Re: Are other parents doing it wrong?

We all think that we know our kids but sometimes we brush things off as another stage they are going through.  

The benefit of having such forums as this is we can get an "outsiders" perspective on situations that we as parents can be blind to.

It's all about parents supporting parents to gain a better understanding of our teens and the challenges that come with being a parent.

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Re: Are other parents doing it wrong?

So true maggiemay- sometimes I wonder what's happening with others my kids ages, is this normal for a teen or is something else going on?

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