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Bullying, Bullies, Bullied, Being Bullied

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Bullying, Bullies, Bullied, Being Bullied

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Bullying, Bullies, Bullied, Being Bullied

Was reading through some of the Replies to Several Posts about being Bullied, Questions about Bullying, (as in is this Bullying?) at various ages and for various reasons, (although none of which are acceptable if you look at the Facts). 


Continual Meanness and Nitpicking at someone is Bullying, and Everyone seems an Expert/Armchair Critic about anyone else's Life, until its happening to them. 


If Bullying (or whatever you might like to call it) is happening to someone and they don't fight back?, it never ends well, because for all the School/Workplace/Social Media/Everyday Life/Law/ Policies we have, there still seems to be an awful lot of this happening.

What happened to all the Education we have all had, the Public Awareness?


I believe a lot just looks like Face Value, and nobody wants to be involved or do anything unless it is/has happened to them or someone close to them. 


Incredibly Disappointed in the Human Race, and what can One do about that? This does not mean that I think I am Perfect by any means, but I do not go out and intentionally treat People like Crap, just for the Hell of it, or because I can, or because I am jealous or whatever. 

I treat People well, I am Honest, Hardworking, a Team Player, Pleasant, Friendly and always have been, although just left a Workplace in the Mining Industry where everyone looks like they are trying to be Social Media Winners every day.

Gossiping like Mad, Absolute Meanness and Relentless Teasing from a Female who was our Camp Manager for Gods Sake!! Pretty much everyone Drinking like Fish, and nobody in my Work Group could be trusted when it really counted, as a result I have once again lost my Faith in People/Humanity. 

I no longer have this Job because the Company found a way to unfairly dismiss me and of course their Investigation into my Bullying Accusations was found to be Baseless of course, (like most Investigations) I have Proof however and I am biding a little time to strike back... 

Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned. Don't be Alarmed Lol, I am not doing anything Unsafe or Drastic, but I will find a Safe Way to have my Day that is for sure. 

I love when the Underdog has their Day in the Sunshine, and like me, there are way too many Underdogs out there getting trampled on by Scum..I pray that they too all get their Day in the Sun..






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Re: Bullying, Bullies, Bullied, Being Bullied

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Hi demelza,

Thank you for dropping into us here at Reach Out. I'm not sure whether you intended to join our parents' forum or a more general discussion about life, but it doesn't matter. I'm open to discussing almost anything, and you've raised an issue that affects most people, except myself who has been living the life of a hermit most of this year due to covid isolation. 

Just to put you in the picture of my situation, I'm married with two teenagers and three dogs. 

I've also has my own concerns about humanity, and as a dog lover, I often wonder why dogs are excluded from places when they usually treat people really well and are so loving and affectionate, and humans can be so nasty. That said, my dogs aren't so good with other dogs. So, they're not perfect either. 

There is good and bad in people and some environments or workplaces tend to promote and encouraging bullying and nastiness and bring out the worst in people, while others do the reverse. Since Covid started, there's been a Facebook group called the Kindness Pandemic. I subscribed ages ago and have only posted myself a couple of times but I usually respond to others' posts and am quite engaged with this group. It's been so encouraging, especially during 2020. So many people are going out of their way to care for people and make sure people who are doing it tough, are getting a helping hand. It's so reaffirming. I belonged to a similar group on my blog after the terrorist attacks  in Paris a few years ago. That was called 1000 Voices for Compassion and bloggers from around the world would connect once a month and write about some aspect of compassion. It felt like we were fighting back against terrorism together in our own small way. 

Yet, at the same time, nastiness is still going on. My daughter came home from school today and said she doesn't felt safe and the girl who was her best friend last week, hates her this week. We've experienced the frenemy before and they seem to be the worst and I can't advise my kids to hold back and not get close to their friends in case things go pear shaped and once you've shared, you can't unshare. I notice when talking with my daughter that it's quite common that they'll tell one person a secret and one person only. So, if that friendship turns sour, that secret is potentially out of the bag if that friend has no integrity and that source of emotional and psychological support and encouragement up in smoke. I guess this does provide a good argument for teens to seek professional support. 

I'm not sure if any of this answers your question or encourages you in any way. It's definitely a subject that warrants further discussion.

Best wishes,



Re: Bullying, Bullies, Bullied, Being Bullied

Hello @Birdwings , I think you raise some really good points, and the groups that you have joined sound really lovely. What an awesome and uplifting group to be in, I can imagine that must spread some awesome positivity throughout your life. I am sorry to hear that your daughter does not feel safe and has been having some issues lately. That must be a really hard thing for both yourself and your daughter to go through. Is there anything in particular that is making her feel unsafe? Does she have any staff at school that she can go to for support, such as a school counsellor?