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Drugs and alcohol

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Drugs and alcohol

I just found out my 14 years old daughter involved in drugs like marijuana, trip and vape. She said she did these out of boredom because I don't let her hang out with her online friends. I am not comfortable letting her out because I know some of these friends do drugs. I am not letting her out at all for 2 weeks already and not giving her any pocket money to school as well so she does not have money to get to these drugs which she can buy from school or delivery to her school. I also restricted her on usage of electronic devices after certain time. What are your thoughts and advices please l?


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Hey @Freestyler,


Thank you for sharing with us, I can imagine it must be so stressful finding this out and feeling like you don't know what to do, it's great you've reached out for support.

Our resident Child and Family Professional has shared some really great tips here about having conversations with teenagers about drug use, link here. How is it for both of you to have these conversations? It can be really valuable to maintain an open dialogue when talking with your teen about drug and alcohol use, do you think this would be possible for you two?

I'm also wondering if there is any involvement from the school around this, you said she is able to get drugs at school or delivered to school, do you know if there has been any intervention from the school around this? It could be an idea to speak to someone at the school (maybe a year/wellbeing coordinator) about what is going on, would you be interested in talking to them about this?


I also just want to let you know that there are supports available for you if you want some more one-on-one support. We have a parent coaching service where a coach can help to chat through any parenting issues you can find out more about that here.  There is also Parentline who do one-on-one phone counselling for parents if that interests you.

Hope that some of this info is useful, let us know how you're going.