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Forecasting & Preventing Teen Behaviours

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Forecasting & Preventing Teen Behaviours

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Forecasting & Preventing Teen Behaviours

This is a follow up to the concerns I've recently mentioned about our 14 year old daughter and some of her risk-taking, undesirable behaviors and not knowing how to respond as parents. One of the biggest problems I think we've faced is that these behaviors have accelerated suddenly and we have been unprepared. Indeed, to use an old phrase the cart has gone before the horse and in many ways gone AWOL. We are in the process of seeking advice and support and some very constructive advice came my way today via my occupational therapist who doesn't usually do this kind of thing but has teenage kids and his wife sounds like she's really got a handle on things. She looks down the track at what they can expect and this includes looking at the wildest possibilities so they've addressed them. My OT has recommended we do a Forecasting Plan and I think this will also involve the school, friends nd a psychologist. 

One of the problems we've had is that we have no consequences set in place because we didn't foresee these actions coming. We have an older son and he has other issues which challenge us such as gaming but he doesn't go out partying, drinking, sneaking out. So, we're new at looking at these issues as parents. 

I thought the Forecasting Plan idea might be something Reach Out could develop into fact sheets. Or, perhaps something like this is already on the web site. 

Anyway, I thought this would be the ideal place to bring this us so  could get feedback from a few heads and see where it ends up.

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Re: Forecasting & Preventing Teen Behaviours

Hey @Birdwings

I think your suggestion is definitely a great idea and I'll be sure to let the rest of the ReachOut team know! Forecast planning is really good way of not only preparing yourself and your family for a number of decisions/situations that might occur, but it also allows you to empathise with your child and consider the sort of pressures they might be going through. 

I was wondering if you wanted to share any ideas or information about the forecast plan you made for this situation?