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Re: HSC's & BPD

Thank you JAKGR8.  Her school are wonderful and have been so accomodating and she has a great CAF's teacher who has gone above and beyond in helping her.  Her depression got pretty bad after my post and she missed 2 weeks of school but after a session with a new psychologist (her previous one who she adored unfortunately became very ill and stopped practicing).  They came up with a plan that she would go to school and not worry about the academic side, she's not doing an ATAR as she doesn't want to go to university, and to use the next few months (Year 11 finishes in September) to decide what she wants to do - work, TAFE etc.  Since then she has been really good and going to school.  I know with BPD this can change day by day but taking each day as it comes.

Thank you for everyones support and advise.  Its' really appreciated :-)  

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Re: HSC's & BPD

@Mbfwt thanks for keeping us in the loop. Sounds like great news.


Yes, one day at a time but eventually it becomes 2 or 3. I look back on my son’s progress with many issues since he was 3yo (just turned 19) and can’t believe how difficult it was. If someone had told me how challenging he would be I’d never have made it. So embrace the good days, learn from the not so good and hopefully we’ll hear how successful she is. 

Sending hugs, positive thoughts and a smidgen of hope. 

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Re: HSC's & BPD

Thank you for coming back to share this @Mbfwt  - it's so great to hear that your daughter has connected well with a new psychologist and has a plan to get her through school! It sounds like a really important step in her recovery, and in her learning how to cope and build resilience. 


@JAKGR8  thank you for sharing that - hope is a powerful thing, and so so important to hold onto. 


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Re: HSC's & BPD

Thank you @gina-Ro and @JAKGR8
She hasn’t managed to make it to school since last Wednesday so it’s only been one half day in two weeks. But there’s still hope, as you say a powerful word.
She wants to leave school but can’t until she is 17 in two months. I am hoping her psycatrist can sign for off sick for this time so she can concentrate on her mental health. She certainly cannot get a job at the moment or consider alternative learning which is the alternative to staying on.
I’m also trying to persuade her to do DBT but this ofcourse is up to her.

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