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Handling an evil step mum


Re: Handling an evil step mum


at least the father cares for the children. I am glad to hear that your ex will be there for the children the whole time. After all it is their relationship which is more important not the relationship with step mum. Hope you can relax and enjoy some break.

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Re: Handling an evil step mum

Wow @Crossfitmum, that is really intense. How are you feeling about that conversation and how is your daughter feeling about what her dad has promised? That must have been a huge thing for her to finally talk to him about how she's been feeling and let him know the situation has been upsetting her. Your great support has made that possible.

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Re: Handling an evil step mum

That's good to hear that things are looking up @Crossfitmum. Obviously having the discussion is the hardest, but the pocketdial ended up getting everything out in the open. Definitely keep us posted on how the holidays go.

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Re: Handling an evil step mum

How has everything been since this coversation @Crossfitmum