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My daughter was 14 when diagnosed with OCD,GAD and anxiety and depression. It hit like a ton of bricks. I was able to get her into see a psychiatrist and phycologist but it did take FOREVER!!! We are slowly making progress. She has been in cyber school for all of HS. I know what you are going thru. It is a living nightmare. I hope your son is on meds and that they are working. My daughter has had some success with medication, but not enough yet. I am hopeful though.

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Hi @Victoriadawn ,


I am really glad to hear that your daughter is making some progress, even if it is slow. I have OCD myself, and it was particularly out of control during high school, so I know the living nightmare you are talking about. My poor parents were under a lot of stress trying to support me. Do you have any support to help you manage this tough situation?


Sending all my best to you and your daughter. It sounds like you're doing everything you can to support her recovery, and I can say from experience that having a parent who is in your corner in the fight against OCD makes all the difference Heart


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Hi Victoria,
My daughter (15 in oct) has severe ocd, I can’t even begin to describe on a daily basis what we are living with as I’m sure you know! She has been accepted under camhs & has appointment with psychiatrist on mon & psychologist next fri. They are thinking she needs meds with therapy to follow. Suspected aspergers with ocd as a coping mechanism during lockdown/schoolwork from home. The outside world have no idea what we go through on daily basis & it doesn’t help when people tell you that you’re not being firm enough with your child! Omg, I can’t believe we are still trying to educate people in mental health & autism ! My daughter is an absolute delight, polite, funny, bright, affectionate but struggles with friendships, social cues, fitting in. But yet she is adored by many (flown under the radar for many years although I’ve been aware of her aspergers traits as her cousin was diagnosed in his early years). She has been lost somewhere in the last 18 months, I was even criticised for asking for help way back last year, but as a mum, you know !!
I really hope the meds start to work for your daughter and you can start the journey of her understanding herself & managing her ocd x I honestly really feel for you as we have experienced some surreal weeks latterly here, Including hoovering the outside patio every night. Take care
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Hi Victoria


I really don't know where to start. I really feel for you, and completely understand what you are going through.


My son now nearly 18 has had serve OCD for so many years, he's on a stupid amount of medication, lives in his room, never goes out, didn't finish school but is so bright. I haven't seen him for over 2 years since out family split up. I looked after my children for 8 years giving up my career and seen him go from coping to complete shutdown. I can't see him because I am contaminated, OCD knows I challenge and actively and positively work with my son and so now tells my son not to see me: it's completely crushed me. He messages me now but tell me his mum doesn't help him, doesn't talk to him, just leaves him alone for days, and in his words 'leaves him to rot'. 


I don't sleep, I try everything I can to help him but I don't have access to him so it's so difficult to see my son's life go down the toilet: I feel completely helpless. 


He doesn't engage with CAMHS he won't let them in to see him so he just on a VERY high dose of medication and that's it. 


I really don't know what to do 


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Hello @nohairleft , it is great to see the support that you have provided to other users. I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through. It sounds like you care a lot about your son and that it has been challenging for you to see how his symptoms have been impacting him. Sounds like you are really supportive of your son and his symptoms and have been trying to manage them with him as best as you can. 


Sometimes supporting others can be really overwhelming and it can sometimes start to impact us. You mentioned that you have not been sleeping, do you have anyone that you can talk to about what you are going through and how you have been feeling?


Also, I just wanted to let you know that I have sent you through an email. 

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Thank you for your response. 


It's been a very difficult few years, living alone, trying to help my children, going through divorce, being confined at and working at home, and like everyone else dealing with the fall out of covid.


I haven't spoken to anyone, just dealt with everything on my own, apart from speaking to friends.


I would take everything that life has thrown at me, take everything my son is going through, take his OCD and deal with it myself as long as he is happy and healthy and living a normal life. my daughter suffers from anxiety, so much so recently her hair has been falling out. I feel completely helpless and unable to find ways to help my children. 

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Hi @nohairleft, I am so sorry to hear of everything you have dealt with in the last few years. That must have been so challenging for you and I can only imagine the amount of heart break and stress that you feel. Your love and compassion towards your children is obvious and feeling helpless is such a difficult emotion to sit with, especially when you want to so desperately take the burden away from your children. You mentioned that you don't see your son - have you been able to video chat or talk on the telephone with him?

It is great to hear that your friends are apart of your support network. Would you consider talking to a mental health professional? It is not uncommon for parents to need support as raising children is diffcult, especially if issues with mental health arise. They can help you navigate this situation and to process what is going on for you as a parent. We are here to listen Heart