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My 12 year old boy hates life !

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My 12 year old boy hates life !


My 12 year old boy hates life !

Hi all

I'm at a loss as what to do. My 12 year old boy has always been challenging in one way or another from 2 years + he started high school this September and keeps telling me he hates his life.

He spend all of his time in his room alone, gaming, phone but no "real" friends. He finds making friends very difficult indeed always has done. He basically doesn't have any and I feel so so bad for him.

I have suggested thousands of things he could go and try, but he automatically dismisses them due to his incredibly self consciousness and low esteem.

I try my very best to praise where it is due encourage him and he knows as hes told daily that I am always there for him.

Last week he caught the bus to school and he had an absolute meltdown on the bus. He called me on the phone asking me to come but how could I ?? Im absolutely terrified he will harm himself or worse

He has been to see CAHMS as a young boy and was discharged around 6 year old as their thoughts was that It was me who was the problem as I have clinical depression.

Any advice guidance really welcome thanks for reading x


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Re: My 12 year old boy hates life !

Hi @Horsecrazy welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing. I'm sorry to hear your son has been having such a difficult time and the impact this has had on you also. Transitioning to high school and reaching adolescent years is such a challenge in itself, he's really lucky to have such a wonderful and loving parent. I'm wondering if he has access to a Counsellor at school that he could speak to for some support? Are there any gaming groups or community events he could attend with other boys around his age that have similar interests? I can see that you are based outside of Australia so just wanted to advise the resources on this site are for within Australia. You are more than welcome to post on this forum for some support. I'm going to tag other members for some advice @taokat @Happy @Schooner @sunflowermom We're here to listen and support you Heart