My battle with depression

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My battle with depression

There was a time when i felt sad, hopeless, frustrated, or worn out. I had negative feelings all the time. I did not eat for days and lost a lot of weight in 50 days. Overcoming depression was really a very tough job for me. But my friends helped me a lot in this case and I started loving my life and gaining confidence day by day. I read many blogs on treatments and symptoms and within 4 months I was back to normal.

There are more natural way to kill depression,

  1. Exercise, train your brain and train your body.
  2. Eat healthy and eat at proper time
  3. Be scheduled
  4. Get good hours of sleep
  5. Take challenges
  6. Take responsibilities
  7. Talk to your friends and family
  8. Take part in adventures and daily day work

 You can surely overcome your depression and win this battle by reminding your brain that you can feel good again Smiley Very Happy

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Re: My battle with depression

Hi @samsteven thanks for sharing that, you are very brave. I'm absolutely sure all these things can help immensely 😊
Parent Community Champion

Re: My battle with depression

Hi @samsteven 

Thank you for sharing those useful strategies as things that have helped you with your own recovery! 

Some people will have a longer and different journey to you as everyone has a unique experience when it comes to depression,  but hearing recovery stories is encouraging!