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Path of destruction

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Path of destruction

My soon to be 19 year old seems to be on a path of self destruction she has suffered depression and anxiety for the last several years. Over the last few months she barely stays at home is always stoned and driving stoned,threw in her job has lost a lot of weight and is looking quite underwight she has big bags under her eyes and is crying all the time . I have tried talking to her to no avail i am really concerned she is going to do herself harm (she used to self harm) by having an accident and possibly even hurting others i dont know what to do .

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Hey @Chicca1 thanks so much for your post, we hope the ReachOut  parents forum provides you with some fantastic peer support. I hope you don't mind I had to edit your post due to the method used around self harm, we can talk about self harm but need to avoid mentioning method (this is outlined in the community guidelines). 


It sounds like you are really concerned about your Daughter, no doubt the smoking weed is some kind of coping mechanism for her that's having a negative effect. Have you considered suggesting she go to counselling, or even family therapy for the two of you? Your GP should be able to find you a bulk billed psychologist. We also have ReachOut Parents Coaching  [click] that can provide you with support online and for free. Is there anything you are aware may have happened to her? Any trauma? Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Path of destruction

Hi @Chicca1

I'm sorry to hear your daughter isn't doing well.  Its so frustrating as parents to see them going down a destructive path and not being able to help them.  Maybe you can  let her know you are there for her when she is ready to talk and  set up or suggest the counseling to her.  If she has  been through depression and anxiety in the past she already knows its a scary road that she doesn't want to repeat.  Sending hugs.


Re: Path of destruction

Hi @Chicca1,


How are things going for your daughter? Do you think she is self medicating due to the depression and anxiety?


It's so good that you have made efforts to get her to open up and talk. Letting her know that you are there for her is a big plus even if she is currently not willing to engage with you.


I can empathise with you and your concerns around her being a danger to herself or to others. Have you suggested she see a psychologist to assist with her life stressors (such as throwing in her job and her symptoms around the depression and anxiety)?


Being stoned, losing weight and crying all the time are sure signs she is not coping too well so if you could get someone to talk with her that would relieve yours and her anxieties a little. Is there a relative that could talk with her or a close friend who she could open up with?


Hope you have some success. Keep us posted when you have the time.