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Re: Grandparent abuse

I have not seen him since he left.  He has only talked to me a couple of times on the phone just to tell me he does not want anything to do with me.  Before we made the decision for him to go to with his father which is in California and we are in Florida, I told him if he did not stop abusing me that I would call the police.  That is why I believe he agreed to go to his father.


His father paid for him to come to Florida and stay with some friends and he never came to see his mother or me. His father says there is nothing he can do about that. He said his son deserves to see his friends.


I do have the support of a sister and friends but I can't understand why he is acting this way.  I just want him to get help but his father does not believe there is a problem but his father did admit he has an anger issues but refuses to get him help. If he stayed with us he would have caused me to have a heart attack. It was not helping my daughter with all of his yelling etc. My daughter is doing so much better since he is not here. It would not hurt so bad if he was getting the help he needs. 


I could live with the fact  of never hearing from his again as long hat he got help and deals with the issues he apparently has .










Re: Grandparent abuse

Hey @sgrad 


Thanks for following up with us about what has been going on with you and your family. This is such an intensive and upsetting situation you are all in, and my heart goes out to you all Heart


I am really glad to hear about your support from your sister and friends, it can make such a difference to have people in your life to speak to. I'm glad as well that your daughter is managing well with having some distance from her son at the moment, it sounds like having some space has been beneficial. Do you feel like things might be settling down at all?

It can be incredibly challenging when a young person and one of their parents are not interested in seeking outside supports. I can really hear how much you care about your family and want them to receive appropriate help Heart I really want to highlight that you are also very deserving of receiving the support that you need as well. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you.