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School refusal

Kindly advise how I go about helping my 14 year old son, he refuse to go to school...I dunno what more to do.. please help
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Hey @Tashlyn , We're sorry to hear about your son's school refusal. This can be so challenging for parents, carers and families. Have you spoken to the school about this? Perhaps they can implement an engagment programs for him whereby he attends for shorter hours to start off with? Then, at school, perhaps the welfare co-ordinators, school psychologist etc can have a chat to him?

It is also important to understand the reason behind school refusal. Is it the difficulty of the work? Is it friendship related? Is it because of the early starts?

Having insight into this may guide you in how to approach this issue.

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Re: School refusal

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Hi there @Tashlyn I just wanted to chime in to link you in with some of our resources on school refusal. It's a challenge many parents are facing at the moment, so we've created a thread with links to articles, videos and threads from other parents discussing school refusal. Check it out here if you're interested!