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School sports

Please help me :
My daughter is playing in the 2nd team and was to play at the B-team(2nd team) day for kids not in the A team ( 1st team). Now the 2nd team is made the third team to let the 1st team compete in the B-team day.

Sport is not just about winning. Sport is extremely important in people's development and there needs to be a lot more focus on healthy exercise and being in a team. Anyone who tries should be congratulated for trying their part. This is what the B-team day is all about.

I understand that some people see sports matches or events only as a massive competition to prove who is the best, but now the B-team day is also seen that way?

Winning and being the best may never be at the expense of other children.

Is winning at all costs then so important that we consider our children's feelings as little because to win at all costs that s the reality and to give only certain more opportunities?

Do we then tell our children that if you come 2nd in a swimming competition, congratulations you are now is wet?

Or do we give up on children who later developed or did not have the same opportunities?

I have previously recorded similar situations with the school:
1. My daughter was not even given oppertunities to practice with the team.
2. My daughter received fewer opportunities and was provided fewer matches even though we were told "everyone gets equal opportunities"
3. Now the 2nd team is made the third team to let the 1st team compete in the B-team day

Then why call it a B-team day when it's used as a screen only for the best. The message is that being an A team is the only goal and that any children who cannot smoke the pipe according to the coach are just an extra to be supervised. A third wheel as it were.

First team or A-team players do not belong on the B-team day. Surely they are already getting more opportunities.

It seems that this is a culture in the school and that winning is the only measure that counts, this can not be tolerated.

This behavior runs counter to the values ​​of sportsmanship and fair competition.

Exercise and fitness are important to everyone, no matter how good you are at sports, and in this way everyone should be celebrated because they are part of something bigger. This is how you build character and build a community.

I am bitterly disappointed with what I experienced today from a school. The place where my children are very happy became a bitter pill for my daughter today.

It feels like the school's morning and evening stories do not match.

Before I am crucified for my view, I ask that you read this message carefully with the aim of understanding. After all, I am the one who has to explain this message to my daughter to motivate and build her up.
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Re: School sports

Hi @Daddyhelpers 


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, I have to say that I agree with you entirely. 

I have personally worked within the movement and fitness space a lot & it is so disheartening when we come across people who don't understand, like you say, that sport should be accessible to everyone regardless if they are 'winners' or not. I can totally understand your frustration.


I'm wondering if there are any opportunities for your daughter to join in somewhere else that is more inclusive? Or if not, if you could counteract some of the behaviours of the current club by spending some time with your daughter playing sports together just for fun?


It sounds like an understandably stressful situation for you, and really great to see you are passionate about wanting the best for your daughter. Is there anything you like to do to look after yourself when you're feeling frustrated?