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Son's behaviour

Son's behaviour


Son's behaviour

My son is 16 yrs old, for a while now he has been showing signs of a different behaviour. He won't do anything when I ask him to do it. He makes excuses when I ask him to do anything & he doesn't do anything when I ask him to. He will do what I ask, but in his own time. I don't think he's just being disobedient, I actually think he can't do the things i ask of when I ask, only in his own time.
He's very sporty, he has no problems at school, he has a balanced diet & he doesn't smoke or take drugs, I am 100% certain on this.
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Re: Son's behaviour

Hi @Mary4873 


Thanks for sharing what you're going through with your son, its sounds like this must be pretty confusing for you. It can be quite shocking when someones behaviour changes, and it can seem to come out of nowhere. Could you give an example of some of the things you've asked him to do that he isn't doing?

I'm wondering about what happens when you try to bring this up with him? Have you been able to have a conversation with him around what you've noticed and the concerns you have?