Stressed out about 16 year old daughter

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Stressed out about 16 year old daughter


Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problems that I’m experiencing with my daughter.

She used to be daddy’s little girl. Over the past year, her behaviour has changed so much. She’s in year 11. She’s failing to pass her subjects, which means she has only 2 options. Join the workforce or repeat year 11 but start from year 10 as year 11 only has 3 terms.

She’s been missing school days here and there and its added pressure on her studies as she is struggling to catch up. I’m not in a position to really teach her.

She goes out with friends, often very late at night. Like return home around 1am. Seriously, for a 16 year old this is just not safe at this day and age.

We tried restricting her money and even preventing her to go out. We can’t keep an eye on her 24 hrs a day. It’s putting so much pressure on us as her parents.

Please what advice can you give me?

Desperate parents.


Re: Stressed out about 16 year old daughter

Hi @Jonnie,

That sounds like a very stressful and tough situation to cope with, especially not understanding why she is acting so differently compared to before. 


Would she be open to talking to someone? A good place to start is to get some help to figure out what is going on for her. Perhaps a first step could be to visit your GP or encourage her to start seeing the school counsellor.


Another good option is Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800), if she is open to speaking to someone she could speak or chat online to a counsellor. 


If she is unwilling to engage in these options, its important that you as her parents are getting support during this time. A good place to start could be Parentline, find out more about what Parentline can offer as well as how to contact them here.


I hope some of these options are helpful to you.