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Suicide attempts 10 year old. Help!

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Suicide attempts 10 year old. Help!


Suicide attempts 10 year old. Help!

Hello everyone. My son has been struggling in school for a very long time and unfortunately has threatened and attempted suicide multiple times now while at school. He has been bullied since kindergarten and for a while it got better but the past few months have been terrible. Today the school invited in a therapist and they talked and suggested a few things to help with his anxiety, depression and adhd. I am unfortunately unemployed right now and barely making ends meet. I don't have the income to purchase some things she recommended for him. 

I appreciate any help with this, whether you can offer helpful advice ❤🙏

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Re: Suicide attempts 10 year old. Help!

Hi @Infiniti22, thanks for sharing your story. I am so sorry to hear about what your son has been going through since kindergarten. It sounds like your son has had a challenging mental health journey which has had a significant impact on him. He has got a lot on his plate and I imagine you must feel quite worried as a parent. It is really great to hear that you are in touch with a therapist who has provided some assistance. You mentioned that your son has attempted suicide before, is he safe from these thoughts right now? I am also wondering what you do to take care of yourself as a parent? I imagine this must be exhausting and stressful.

Just so you know, I had to edit your post as we don't allow links to external websites. If you are looking for low cost or free ideas, the therapist may have other suggestions.

Please feel most welcome to keep us updated Smiley Happy