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Teenage drug use

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Re: Teenage drug use

@Dad4good , thank you for replying. All I can do is start anew like you mentioned and hope this habit dies down. I am looking into a new school for him, however the high schools in Miami are not so great, and we live in a great neighbourhood. Other option, I will  look into charter schools then again there's a waiting list. We only have a month and half till school lets out. I will keep him at home and home-schooled until I find a safer option. Have a great week!

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Re: Teenage drug use

1) Let her smoke outside. Smoking is her choice.

2) Faking mental illness, is indicative of an underlying mental problem. 

3) Stand your ground more, no room for arguments. Don't fight with her. Don't let her fight.

4) Next time she threatens suicide, take her to an open therapist office or psychiatrist etc.

5) 5-7 years of emotional blackmail doesn't mean you failed as a parent. You just have a **bleep**ty kid.


Hope that helped. Smiley Happy