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A bit lost on Mothers Day

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A bit lost on Mothers Day

Hi everyone! Well its Mothers Day and Im feeling a bit sad. Ive got two teen boys and a husband. We are all here at home but in different rooms doing different things. It feels lonely. We dont have any money to go anywhere and my two sons havent said a word to each other in about 3 years. So, Im wondering if anyone else is feeling a bit sad and lost today? I know they love me but I wish we were closer..


Re: A bit lost on Mothers Day

Hi @hippychick sorry to hear you are feeling a bit sad on Mothers Day Heart What are some nice things you can do to look after yourself today? It's always hard when there's conflict between siblings,  particularly when it comes to family gatherings on special occasions and group activities. At the very least, is there any one-on-one time you can spend with your sons or perhaps suggest a TV show or a board game? I'll also tag some of our other members for some support around this @Sister @sunflowermom @taokat

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Re: A bit lost on Mothers Day

Hey @hippychick, I'm so sorry your Mother's Day wasn't what you'd hoped for. I just wrote in another post that the thing I find most upsetting is that it's one day where there's a nationwide expectation of being actively celebrated and appreciated. It hurts when we're not shown that on this day set aside for us. 


My daughter blamed me for her issues and spent the day in her room or growling at me if she did come out. There's only her and me, so yes, was feeling very sad and lost along with you yesterday. It was a great day to stay off social media - comparisons with friends days doesn't help! 

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