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I have a sister who raises children a little differently than I do. She is a stay home mother and she teaches her children at home until they go to school. She thinks that daycare are harmful to children because they can feel abandoned by their parents. I personally think completely different and my children go to a great daycare center where they have dance and art classes that I would not do at home, what is your opinion on this topic? do your children go to daycare/kindergarten?


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hey @SunnyAmy 


Good question to raise. I think many parents will have differing opinions on this. I guess there are probably pros and cons to both situations, and I think many factors may impact the outcome (how often are they in daycare, at what age did they start daycare, whats their relationship like with their parents at home). I'd personally be reluctant to put my child into day-care at a young age, but I'd be open to things like kinder Smiley Happy. As they get older I think the social aspect and the different activities like you mentioned could be of benefit to the child. I think there is no hard and fast rule for this kind of thing and that it would depend on the child, the family, and what works best for the parents.


I'm not sure if you're aware but R/O Parents is meant for Parents of teens (12-18 yrs old) so we probably have less information on your question. However, I can point you towards the Raising Childrens Network. They have some information re. child care which may be of use or interest to you. I have linked some articles for you here.


Also, just letting you know that I removed the link you shared because it goes against our community guidelines.